Friday, January 19, 2018
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Tips for glowing skin

Glowing and healthy skin is desire of every individual and is a sign of good health. People spend a lot of money on skin care products to get healthy skin. Also there are numerous products in the market available today. As like other body parts, skin also needs nutrition and proper attention to stay healthy.

Here are some tips to get healthy radiant skin :-

Cleansing :- As we go out, dust and dirt in the environment gets stucked to the oil content in the skin pores. Sweating skin further attracts more of these pollutants which lead to skin dullness. So, keep your skin clean by washing using a gentle cleanser at least twice a day. After you clean your skin, apply toner on the skin softly using small cotton piece. In case you do activities which leads to sweating or accumulating dirt on the skin like physical workout or gardening, clean your skin immediately after. Remember to apply sunscreen to your skin before going out of the sun.

Exfoliate :- Dullness of skin is due to the creation of layer of dead skin cells. Face makeup, sunscreens or other cosmetics or skin care products applied to skin also creates a layer over the skin. Exfoliate your skin gently using a mild scrub. Products contain acids extracted from natural fruits are great for skin exfoliation. Always scrub gently so that only the upper dead cells layer gets removed bringing out new healthy glowing skin.

Soothe your skin :- Skin cells are delicate and require protection externally. Skin may become red or irritated if over exposed to sun. If you face such problem, use aloe vera gel and sooth the affected skin. It will gently moisturize your skin and will keep it glowing and young.

Moisturize :- Moisturizing your skin is important for skin health. Moisturizing your skin locks moisture inside skin living it hydrated. Everyone have different skin types so you should select the moisturizer that suits your skin well. So, we should consume about 8 to 10 glasses of water per day.

Hydrate your skin :- Water is very important to keep your skin healthy. Our skin is made up of cells. 70% of our entire body weight is due to water. Our body needs water to flush out waste material in the cells. This keeps our skin clear and hydrated.

Unclog Blackheads or pimples :- Pimples and black heads make skin unhealthy and thus skin loses its natural glow. So, to get rid of these blackheads, apply a paste of oat meal and rose water to the affected skin. Spread this paste mainly over the blackheads and rub it gently for some time. Then leave it for about 20 minutes. Use cold water to wash off the face and soak with soft towel. This will help in removing the black heads and unveil flawless skin.

Pamper :- Make it a habit to pamper your skin at least once in a week as it is very good for skin. Instead of going out in a spa, you can do it at your home only. First gently wash your face skin to make it clean. Then take some boiling water in container and add rose leaves or lavender to it. Get your face over the container and get this steam for about 5 – 7 minutes. Let the steam spread over your face everywhere. Then, take cold water and wash of your face gently. At this stage, skin pores are open. Take your favorite toner and apply it to your skin. Also apply moisturizer to keep your skin moisturized. This will not only make your skin healthy but also bring radiant glow on it.

Protect :- Sun is the biggest enemy of your skin. Harmful UV rays of the sun are very bad for skin health. Over exposure to sun can lead to black circles, wrinkles or even darkening of skin. Sun light stimulates body pigments to generate melanin which is responsible to dark color of our hair and skin as well. So, whenever you go out in the sun, always apply sunscreen 15 minutes prior to going out. Sunscreen with SPF 15 value or more is good. Wear scarf or hat over your head before going out.