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All about foundations

In today’s world of beauty and glamour, every women wants glowing and flawless skin. To serve the purpose, there is a wide range of cosmetics available that are used. One of such products is Foundation.

Foundation is a universal base cosmetic product that is used, along with other cosmetics or colors, by nearly every woman for the makeup purpose. It makes the skin appear flawless and holds or stabilizes the overall makeup on the face. It makes the skin look smooth, young and healthy.

Selection of the foundation for your skin type is the basic thing that every woman should take care off. Certain things should be kept in mind before the selection of foundation, like skin type, age, wrinkles strength, acne, black spots or any other type of skin issue. All this information will help you select the right product for your skin type. Rightly chosen foundation can help your skin in a lot of ways. It can protect your skin from harmful UV radiation or the pollution, cold weather and even can help stopping aging effect by preventing free radicals.

Basic Ingredients

There are number of ingredients in foundation. Some of them are :-

De Ionized water
Tridecyl Neopentanaote
Sunflower Oil
Vitamin E
Linoleic Acid
Sunscreen Agent
Octyl Methoxycinnamate
Lubricating Agent
Sodium PCA
Glucose and lot of other agents


Different foundations according to your skin :-


Liquid Foundations

They are the most popular type of foundation as they are easiest to apply to skin and is not easily visible. A thin film of these fountains looks very natural on the skin as it blends with the skin properly. They are available in wide range with water based and oil based formulas for different skin needs.
Liquid foundations are suitable for nearly all skin types. Ladies with dry skin type should use oil based liquid foundation.
On the other hand, women with oily skin type should prefer oil free liquid foundations.
For normal or combined skin type, you should use water based liquid foundations.

Cream foundation

Cream based foundations are thick and creamy so they provide most moisture to skin than any other foundation type.
These type of foundations are suitable for females with normal and dry skin, especially for women with extra dry skin due to oily content in this fountain.

Powder Foundation

This foundation is available in powdered form and is very dry with almost no moisture content.
It comes in two types: Pressed Powder foundation and Loose Powder Foundation.
Loose Powder Foundation is suitable for females with oily skin whereas Pressed Powder foundation can be used by women with normal to oily skin.

Waterproof Foundation

These foundations come in liquid form and are water resistant. They are preferably used very humid or rainy seasons. Other foundations are not water resistant so they whip away when one sweats or in rain.
It is suitable for all skin types.

Stick Foundation

Stick foundations dries quickly after applying to the face. These are basically used for models makeup before photo shoot or drama artists as it masks any type of skin flaws. This type of foundation is most suitable for oily skin type.

Mineral Foundation

As the name suggests, these contains minerals in it. Mineral foundations can be used by all skin types but these are perfect for those with sensitive skin type.

Spray Foundations

Spray foundation are easiest to apply. It is mainly use to refresh the face make up for longer time.
It can be used by any skin type female but it is most suitable to people with sensitive skin type.

How to apply foundation

Applying foundation using finger tip. This is the oldest method of applying foundation on the face. Applying product using finger tips allows uniform distribution over face allowing a thin film.
Application using natural rubber latex sponge. This type of sponge is very soft and is perfect for applying foundation to the skin. Application is same as that of finger tip technique.
Applying foundation using foundation paddle brush. It consists of synthetic fibers and paddle shape with a relatively long handle. This brush is most effective while applying liquid foundation.