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Common Sex Problems Among Women

There can be a number of different sexual problems among women but most common of them are lack of interest in sex, trouble with orgasm or pain during the intercourse. There can be different reasons behind these problems. Lets take a look at the various common sexual problems among women.


1. Most commonly women complains about the pain or discomfort during the sex. Usually during the intercourse, intense rubbing of penis against the vagina causes infections which can be a cause of discomfort and pain. Vaginal dryness can be a major reason for the painful sexual intercourse. There can be several reasons behind the lack of vaginal lubrication like trying to achieve vaginal penetration too early before proper stimulation. Use of a condom without use of any additional vaginal lubricant.


There are several lubricants or other products that can cause vaginal irritation. Using such products leads to pain and discomfort during the intercourse. Always us water based lubricants as they are safe, effective and easy to use. Tightness of vagina can be a cause of pain. Tightness of vagina can be due to the as unstretched hymen, so it may cause pain for first few occasions even if you use proper vaginal lubricants.


2. Females usually complains about lack of sufficient lubrication while sexual in-course. Reason may be lack of foreplay act before sex. Since the vaginal region is made up of very delicate tissues, their is a fair chance of wear and tear or some tissue rupture if penetration in attempted without proper lubrication. So, it is important to reach a fair level of external stimulation before penetration.


3. Commonly, women feels stressed and anxious while an intercourse. This stress and anxiety leads to hormonal imbalance in their body. This sometimes leads to premature orgasm, dissatisfaction or a failed intercourse between both.


4. Irregular menstrual cycles is another cause of sexual problems among women. Mostly, a normal women have about 11 to 13 periods per 12 months. Usually, menstrual periods are irregular during first few years after the start. But irregularity in these periods can cause some problems. One of the major reason behind irregular periods is excess weight loss. If you are an athlete or you do have physical workout, there is a fair chance of irregular menstrual cycles. Use of drugs or illness can lead to this irregularity.


5. Loss of Desire :- Lack of sex is quite obvious during some particular time periods like pregnancy or illness but some women experience this over long period of lifetime. Some other reasons are depression, problems in relations, excessive use of drugs or alcohols may affect your sexual life. Fall in the level of sexual hormone or testosterone leads loss of sexual desire. Aging can be one of the major reason in fall of sexual desire. As the age of a women increases, walls of vagina gets thinner. This leads to reduction in the lubrication of vagina which may lead to sexual pain. Use of medicines can also lead lack of sexual desire.