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All About Sexual Fantasis



Sometimes, in friends, when we talk about fantasy, the first and foremost thing that comes to the surface of the mind is sexual fantasy. A fantasy actually means imagination of mind beyond any restriction of reality. Irrespective of our marital status, when we feel that our body needs some kind of relief, our mind imagine lots of thing that contributes to increase in our libido. Mind tries to complete the pictures we imagine.

Other name of sexual fantasy is Masturbation. It is considered as one of the healthiest ways to seduce ourselves in order to satisfy our sexual requirements in silence. When thinking about this subject, have you ever given a thought about difference between the sexual fantasies of men and women ?

Men tend to have more sexual fantasies and so more likely be neutralized with masturbation. Men are visually creative by nature so they are likely to create pictures or graphic images of the women’s sexual bodies in mind and imagine seducing them or getting seduced, or doing some other stimulating activities.

Women, in general, fantasies less than their counterparts. Women who visualize men in their sexual fantasies are usually less focused on genitals. Instead they are more likely to build a story with emotional feelings of romantic and loving encounter.


Facing Facts


In the modern day world, our society is becoming health conscious. We are discovering new ways of healthy living and talk about sexual health or sexual intercourse but be ignore talking about ‘Masturbation’. It can help us learn about sexual needs of our body and helps us understand how to respond sexually during an intercourse. Self stimulation helps to relieve day to day mental tension and is a pure way of healthy leaving. As per some sexologists, repressing your sexuality is unhealthy. On the other hand, masturbating gives you a way to feel the pleasure that is fully under your control. Medically, it can help you to relieve menstrual cramps.


Some Misconceptions


Some people believe that masturbation can cause serious physical problems like deafness, blindness, sterility or ill-health. Medically, this is not true. Undoubtedly, there are people who masturbate with a feeling of guilt which can affect their emotions in future. People who masturbate are found to have more sexual desire and more sexual derives than those who do not. Masturbation provides an alternate sexual intercourse, free of the need and complications or cost of finding a consenting partner, free from risk of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS and free from the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Masturbation provides a chance for a female to explore her sexual response and for a man, to release his tension when aroused at a time when he is alone.

Is it not good to cool down your physical urge with your own body instead of searching for other one. Many of us have been taught to be ashamed or embarrassed by our sexual feelings and find ourselves wasting a lot of energy denying, repressing ourselves and feeling guilty about them. In order to be healthy and complete person, we must learn to experience our sexuality without fear.