Friday, January 19, 2018
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Live your romantic dreams

Every one of us always dreams about a romantic life. Some get it and some not. But if you don’t have it, don’t worry. There are many who live and feel exactly the way you do. Romance is always simple and carefree when it is being acted out in our imagination. We can come up with the more unbelievable ideas and play scenes that make the best romantic movies look amateurish. The only catch to this is that they are developed in our fantasies and they stay there without ever actually taking place in our real world. Ever wondered why is it so easy to fantasies about the romance but can never had romance that really exists? Well, there is no such romantic dream come true until you create its existence.

There are situations when to people meet and have an instant connection between them. But things do not stop there. Many make a mistake in believing that once they found someone they make a great connection with, everything else will get perfectly placed by itself and all of their romantic dreams will come true automatically without any effort.

But the truth is that if you want your fantasies to become reality for you then you must introduce them to reality. We think our partner to be mind readers and expect them to act out the things we see them doing in out fantasies. You do not necessarily have to ask your partner to act a certain way or do a certain thing, but you can introduce your romantic ideas by starting to act then out yourself. This act will make your partner clear about what kind of romantic personality you have and what you enjoy. This act will make you learn more about your partner because you will see their response to your romantic suggestions. This is really important so you should do this at the beginning of your relationship.

Romantic fantasies come true when you make genuine effort to never settle for anything other than what your genuine expectations are from your partner. But this does not mean you should never compromise however, nobody will be ever perfect including yourself. So always keep in mind that there will be times when you need to find middle path with your partner.

Not settling for less is meant more on an obvious level. Example: If your romantic dream is to have a partner who loves long walks on the beach and going out for fancy dining and intimate picnics, then do not even bother getting seriously involved with the person who prefer staying at home all the time or likes to go out to loud parties with friends. You will only be frustrated later if you do so.

Wrong involvement :- Many times, people choose to get involved with a person who never really fulfill their expectations or dreams from the start, but feel like the situation will change later. This is a serious mistake often made and one should avoid making such mistakes if you wish to live your romantic fantasies. Human nature is unpredictable but, a person’s lifestyle or hobbies can be determined after dating with him or her for three to six times. From these meetings you can conclude whether the person possess the qualities that you want by paying attention to little things like, where he choose to take you on your dates, the way of speaking and all other little things that you think are important to you. On the other side, it is also very important to be honest at your part. You must make him/her understand your hobbies, lifestyle and romantic qualities so that other person also get to understand you well.