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How To Attract A Man and Keep Him Interested

Most of the females wonder how to attract a man and keep him interested in them forever. You may know some women who have absolutely no difficulty in Attracting Men. These women are so successful with men and they draw natural attention and attraction from the man they want attention from. Also they do not have any difficulty in keeping him interested. Let me make this clear, it is not about being extraordinarily beautiful and smart or intelligent, how wealthy, rich you are or how old you are. For sure, all these things can work as bonus for you but they are not primary things in science of attracting a man and felling that gut level attraction with that guy.


Here is How to Attract a Man and Keep Him Interested


First and foremost thing is the self-confidence. Be self-confident enough to know that you really deserve very best, just feel it. Some of you might not be aware of this fact that you attract the most what you think you deserve. It is called as Law Of Attraction as is a universal through which is applies to everybody irrespective of sex, age or circumstances. So, if you are putting out the idea that you are willing to settle for less than you deserve, then you will end up in a relationship that will never satisfy you. I don’t think any women want that.

Have you ever seen people who talks the big game and yet something in their communication or talk does not seem congruent with what the person talks. It is most probably because of their body language. As per experts, when it comes to communication, 95% of the communication is non-verbal. This simply means that on the 5% of the communication actually takes place through words what you say. Here are some ways that you can use in your body language to attract men :-

1. Keep your back and body straight. Not overly rigid like military personals. Keeping some flexibility will not only keep your back muscles from cramping up but will look more natural and at ease. Keep your head balanced high on the top of your neck with chin up a little bit. Do not keep your chin so far up that you seems stuck up and look bad. But make sure that your chin is not down either. Always make sure to have a little bit of tilt in your chin. This will help you a great deal in Attracting Men.

2. Stay calm and cool to keep the fidgeting to minimum. Any type of nervous gestures like ringing your hand, or playing with your hair or any other nervous gesture really gives the wrong impression to people. You must have noticed that the most composed and calm personalities are also the one who are able to relax and still for longer time duration. So, try to be relaxed in the position that you are in and you will be automatically set for attracting a man.

3. Keep regular eye contact. Never skip off eye contact. Have you ever had a conversation with a person who’s eyes were just darting all over the place and they just avoided looking into the eyes. That will make you feel really uncomfortable with that person. So, to avoid these uncomfortable situation, keep a regular eye contact of ratio 5:3. That means 5 seconds of every eye-contact to every 3 seconds of broken contact. That is enough for any person to show confidence, approach ability and interest without taking it too far.

4. This is real big thing when it comes to How to Attract A Man. Keep your body language open because the way you sit or stand plays big part in what other thinks about you. Who would like to approach a person who is hunching over or arms crossed with your chin down or any closed body gestures. On the other hand, if your body angled to other peoples you are interacting with, your legs and arms are steady and relaxed and you are not nervous, then this is an unspoken invitation and will automatically help in Attracting Men.

5. Always keep smiling. Smiling is a real big thing in attractive body language. If you want to attract happy, interesting and energetic people, you need to look like one yourself. Think why people are naturally attracted to people laughing and happy most of the time. Every one of us want to be friend with smiling people. This does not mean that you need to laugh when it is not appropriate or non-genuine or not have to plaster huge smile on your face every time. Genuine smile will help you in attracting men or women.

I hope, by now you would have learn something about How to Attract a Man and Keep Him Interested in you forever.