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Home Remedies For Dark Circles Under Eyes

In this article, we will discuss about Home Remedies for Dark Circles. Now days, “dark circles under eyes” is common among people irrespective of their gender. With the increase in the age, skin starts becoming thinner and lose collagen. This leads to dark circles under eyes. Sometimes there may be other reasons behind these circles, like mental stress or tension or depression.

Causes of Dark Circles

Taking too much of alcohol, excess smoking, stress and depression can cause under eye circles.

Too much exposure to sun also leads to growth of dark circles. Sun rays promote the production of melanin that is responsible for giving dark tone to the skin.

Increase in the age causes thinning of skin which in turn leads to rise in the dark circles. Also the blood vessels under the eyes become blue black and become more visible.

Heredity can be a cause. It is found that if grandparents and parents have Dark Circles, then there is greater probability of their children having these Under Eye Circles too.

Some people tend to rub and scratch their under eye skin occasionally. This can also lead to this problem.

Lack of water in body or dehydration can promote the formation of these dark regions.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles

l. Water : Water is the greatest and most easily available home remedy for dark circles. It is very important to keep your skin hydrated and fresh all the time. Water helps to keep skin fully hydrated, clear and healthy. We should consume at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day.

2. Sunscreen : Sun Ray contains UV rays and is major enemies of skin. Always wear a sunscreen (SPF 15) under the eyes or visible skin before going out in the sun. Sunscreen will not only prevent skin from wrinkles but also protect from sun rays that stimulates melanin in the body.

3. Always wear sunglasses when outside in the sun. Use sunglasses with little bigger lenses than your eyes that covers your entire eye and under eye area. Opticians suggests using sunglasses with UV400 rating.

4. Take a cucumber and cut two thin round slices out of it. Keep these pieces over your eyes for about 20 minutes. Or extract some juice out of cucumber piece. Take two cotton pads and dip them in the juice. Then place them over your eyes for about 20 minutes. This “remedy for dark circles” not only hydrates the skin but also prevents Under Eye Circles.

5. Take a tomato and take out about 1 teaspoon pulp part from it. Take some turmeric powder along with 1 teaspoon of gram floor and half teaspoon of lime-juice. Mix them well to make a paste. Apply this paste on affected areas and leave for about 30 minutes. Take a moist cotton piece and remove the paste gently using this cotton.

6. Almonds are grate for skin tone related problems. Take some almonds and grind them well to make powder. Add some drops of lime-juice to this powder and mix well to make a paste. Apply this paste over dark circles and then leave it untouched for about 30 minutes. This will give good results if applied daily for about 2 weeks.

7. Take some turmeric powder and add some pineapple juice to it. Mix them well to make paste. Apply this paste on the Dark Circles and leave for 25 minutes. This can help you get rid of Under Eye Circles.

8. Get enough sleep to prevent this problem. According to doctors, 8 hours of sleep is must for every person. So people suffering with this problem must get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Get vitamin supplements and vitamin that assists proper sleep.

9. Use a concealer that gives a matte finish rather than a creamy or greasy one. They last long without any crease. One major factor is the color selection of the concealer which should match the skin tone of your face.

10. Eat healthy and well balanced diet which contain all required vitamins, minerals and adequate amount of proteins. Dark circles are often said to be due to the lack of vitamin k, vitamin B12 or lack of adequate amount of antioxidants. So add green leafy vegetables like, cabbage and spinach to your diet. Fruits like apple, papaya are great source of micro nutrients and other important nutrition’s, so they must be consumed on daily basis as they are great for skin.

We hope, all these Home Remedies for Dark Circle would be of help.